According to my brother, my latest posts have been boring. Especially about Bruno Mars. *shudder* Poor fellow. Well then, he should suggest blogging topics!! Clearly, I have boring thoughts. :p

Today, my mom’s iPhone 4s arrived and I set it up for her. She is very pleased and so happy. My brother and I totally mock her for all the Apple stuff she has. She now has an iPad 2, Mac Air, iPhone 4s, in addition to a netbook and laptop. It’s ridiculous considering how little of any of these items she uses. *sigh* She at first claimed it was to keep up with technology (and DS since he knows how to use the iPad/iPhone better than all of us combined). Then, she gave the usual gamut of excuses claiming she needed lighter objects when she traveled, etc. Finally, after much badgering from me, she admitted that she just wants these things.

I told her there was nothing wrong with that – but not to delude herself. That she is getting these things because she wants them – not because she needs them (as she was attempting to justify). I can’t say why I was so insistent on that fact – maybe because I found it so ridiculous that she was going on such a spending splurge (Hello, Pot! I’m Kettle!) for things that she completely doesn’t need. It seemed wrong the way she was justifying it saying she needed them. But I do feel bad because she would get mad and feel embarrassed – when I really only was teasing her. *sigh*

But of course, part of me mocked her because I was jealous! I want a Mac Air!! I only recently got the iPhone and that was after three years of not upgrading my phone. Of course, I spend all my money on craigslist and amazon so I really should STFU. *sigh* Well, at this point, I think there isn’t anything that I do NOT own so I think I’m ok now. 🙂

But next year, for SURE, I won’t buy anything. (How long do you think that will last? A day?)