Lots of things to remind myself about my kids (that I’m too lazy to post in their baby-book blogs because I am a horrible mother – after all, how different is it than posting here?).

  • Ever since my mom put DS to bed two nights ago, DS has been a dream to put to bed. He used to scream and cry at the baby gate for 5-10 minutes and then exhaust himself and climb on top of his blankets and fall asleep. The last two nights, even without my mom, I explain to him that we’re going to tuck him in and close the door and he nods and then he lays down to sleep without a fuss. It is LIFE-CHANGING.

    I wonder if he just got sick of throwing a fit and once he got a taste of a peaceful bedtime, he decided that it was much preferable to screaming and weeping and much gnashing of teeth. Who knows what goes on in the minds of toddlers?

  • DD slept at least 7 hours last night. That was also LIFE-CHANGING.
  • DD has started to chat with us. It is adorable. She has the sweetest voice and the brightest black eyes. She just stares at me and makes the funniest faces.
  • I am glad that I love them both the same yet different. They are my heart. I cannot imagine life without them.
  • DS has recently learned to say, “I love you!” It is the most freaking adorable thing EVAR.
  • I have bought almost every toy known in existence (and then one of DH’s coworkers gave us a bunch of cars and toys and a motorized vehicle that is AWESOME similar to this except with three wheels)

That is all for now because I am tired. I am old, ok?