Shocking, I know! But really, it was probably the best weekend I’d ever spent in her presence! I think I just really appreciated her making the effort to come out even though a good portion of the visit would be taken up by DS’s birthday party. She hates being around strangers and people in general. She always thinks they are judging her and thinking she is ugly or whatever. Despite the total stupidity of that statement, I am still glad she braved her fears just to be with DS. 🙂

In fact, she is even coming up two more times (once in January and once in February)!! I am very pleased. Not because I like her any better, but because DS and DD will be able to get to know her much more. After all, this visit, DS was so happy to see her! He knew her and wanted to be with her. I think that also made my MIL want to come more often. She saw the results of being more in his life. It makes me very glad.

Yes, yes. Don’t be fooled. I’m still an ass at heart. But every now and then, I can be good.