I can’t believe it – but DS is 2 today! TWO! I have kept alive a human being for two whole years! Astonishing.

I have been so blessed by my little boy. He is such a dear and so sweet and just a joyful little boy. His heart is full on his sleeve and he just longs to be loved and held and played with. He is such an exuberant and happy kiddo. It makes my heart so full near bursting.

The other day, at his birthday party, we all stopped and sang Happy Birthday to him. He knew we were singing just for him. (I suppose the cake in front of him and everyone looking at and singing towards him clued him in.) He was DELIGHTED. He laughed and laughed and clapped out of sheer joy and happiness. Hey, self-centeredness can come in handy, you know. 😉

Having DS (and now DD) has made me a better person. I never knew I could shunt off my own needs for someone else’s. I never knew I would be capable of so much (even if much of it is drudgery). I am so lucky that I get to spend 99% of his life with him. Truly, there is no greater honor and no other place that I would rather be. He is so precious and my joy.