Now, I realize that it is already the 3rd of the new year! I’m very excited for another year of life (although, technically, every day dawns a new year (or any arbitrary time)). Anyhow, I am pledging to post at least three times a week (and of course, nothing can stop me from posting MORE) and mostly on a schedule of MWF. Hope that helps!

*sigh* I realize this post is also a sort of non-post since it’s a post on what I plan on posting. Suffice to say, truly lame and boring. Very sorry – I shall endeavor to do better on Wednesday.

However, if you must have a fun fact (or two):

1) I have already finished two books since the start of the new year.

2) I am currently very hungry. I want Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream chips and I want chocolate.

3) No, it is not even humanly possible that I am pregnant.

4) I realize that #2 makes #3 seem particularly plausible. I want four kids, I know. But even I am not that insane to start on the 3rd before the 2nd is even three months old.

5) Now see, aren’t I generous? I told you I would give you perhaps two fun facts and now I’ve over-delivered and given you five. I hope you are truly grateful.