When I only had DS to worry about, running errands was a pain, but doable. Now, it takes even MORE time with DD in the picture since I either have to put her in the Ergo baby carrier or bust out the double stroller. (Incidentally, I just bought a new stroller – and brand new, too. *sigh* However, I did get $100 off on brand new one on sale. My efforts to scour craigslist came up empty-handed. I was not going to pay that much money for a used stroller!) Every time I run errands, I think to myself, why can’t they just make a huge drive-thru strip mall with a bunch of the stores that a person would need in a row?

Yes, they do have drive-thru Starbucks and the occasional drive-thru pharmacy as well as a drive-thru dry cleaner. However, they are all in separate places! What I would really need is a giant drive-thru that connects a supermarket, some restaurant, dry cleaners, library, gas station, etc. All the stuff you need to take care of – but all in one place and doesn’t require walking.

I know. I am truly lazy. But it would sure make my life easier!