Here are some updates on DS (updates on DD in the next post):

1) (TMI warning) Every morning, DS sees me manually express milk into bottles. The other night, DS insisted I take a bath with him. While in the tub, he took a container and held it to my breasts and said, “Milk!” It was awesome.

2) Today, while I was breastfeeding DD on the couch and thus, unable to enforce any sort of threats, DS hauled up two of his ride-on cars up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Then he hauled his upstairs ride-on car downstairs. Then, he went back upstairs to haul the rest back down. (Yes, our house is over-run with ride-on cars.) This kid is way too strong! (Separate note: clearly, my baby gates are USELESS because he went through one several times! Ok, I must not have closed it all the way, but he is too clever by half and has learned how to close the gate lightly so that he can re-open the thing.)

3) DS loves to line up his ride-on cars (and anything with wheels) throughout the house. I constantly feel as if I am navigating a parking lot and that DS is practicing being a valet. He also lines up his trains, his matchbox cars and trucks, and again, anything with wheels.

4) DS LOVES trains. (Ok, again, anything with wheels.) He is such a stereotypical boy. It’s so cute to see him laying on the floor, playing with his cars. He currently really enjoys playing with them under couches, tables, and in hard to reach places. I, however, do not enjoy it as much since it is inevitable that these cars get stuck in places he can’t reach and then I have to retrieve them.

5) DS’s vocabulary is just exploding! Half the time, I am amazed that he knows the words to main characters in the shows he watches, or words to things that we use and see. Currently: ‘Erhy, (Percy from Thomas and Friends), the Hat, (The Cat in the Hat), Y-Y, (Wyatt from Super Why!), Mo-mo, (Elmo), Big Bir, (Big Bird), and a bunch more from Sesame Street (which he doesn’t watch – but we have an Elmo book). I don’t know why it surprises me that he picked up their names just by watching (and not from me explaining who they are).

Obviously, he also knows a lot of other words. His favorite to scream out while we drive is, “Ka-che!” (Truck, in Chinese.) His other favorite is, “Bus!” Surprise, surprise. He loves cars. Now, however, he also points out the moon and planes.

It’s so fulfilling to see him point to things and ask me what they are. I love how he is so curious and inquisitive. The other cool thing is hearing him put together the words he knows (not necessarily the correct words for things) and see his logic in it. For example, he used to call lids, “hats,” which makes sense. It is sort of a hat for pots and blenders and containers. Or, like today, he told me in Chinese, “More hit!” I was confused, and then I realized, he wanted to bash himself into the pillows more. I guess that is technically hitting. 🙂

Sometimes, it is difficult to figure out what he’s saying. I always assume he is saying something in Chinese, first. If it doesn’t fit, then I try English. When I finally guess what he’s saying, he exclaims, “Ah!” in deep satisfaction that he has been understood. It is super cute!

6) For the past few days, I’ve decided that we’re going cold-turkey and putting DS in underwear or bare bottomed in our attempts at potty training. The first day, I had him in underwear and he freaked out when he peed. Then when he was bare bottomed, he completely freaked out and told me his penis hurt. (“Pee pee tong tong!”) (At least, I think he was talking about his penis. It could also have been, “butt,” in Chinese. You see this bilingual problem?) When he finally peed in the potty, he was ecstatic. It has not happened again.

But now, sometimes, he hates putting on underwear (even if there are Thomas the Trains on it), so I have him go commando. I had him in some of DH’s old socks (to keep his legs warm) while he was bare bottomed, but my mom complained and said he would get a cold. I got irritated because you can’t get a cold from being cold – since colds are VIRUSES. But of course, the next day, DS had a runny nose and a croupy cough. *shakes fist* How aggravating.

The best part about the potty training (other than awesome pics of him on the potty) is his response when I ask him if he has to pee pee or poo poo. “No peepee! No poopoo!” It is hilarious.

7) For awhile, he would say, “I luh-you.” Absolutely heart melting. He doesn’t anymore. Absolutely heartbreaking. However, yesterday, when he wanted more of a snack, I asked him, “What do you say?” Instead of saying, “Please,” he said, “I luh-you.” He got the snack.

8) DS imitates the tones of my voice exactly when he talks to DD. He will run to her, crouch, and say, “Hi, Meimei!” (Little sister, in Chinese.) And he sounds exactly like me! When she spits up, he will wipe it up with her burp cloth. He really does want to take care of her. It warms my cold, dark heart when he hugs her and kisses her. He’s really very sweet. In fact, I think he’s forgotten a world without her because he always requests her presence! DD is in his entourage now. 🙂

9) DS always wants to help and has become very handy at fetching things that I’m too lazy to get myself. I love it. He loved decorating the Christmas tree and enjoyed taking down the decorations as well. He kept calling the ornaments, “Ball!” Which they were! He also loves to throw things away in our automated trash can. Too cute!

10) DS is now an iPhone/iPad zombie. I think he knows how to use them better than I do. He can access all his apps but his favorite is to watch Youtube videos of himself. My kid is a genius. 🙂

DS is such a joy and so fun and funny. DH thinks back to when he thought it would be sad when DS learned how to talk since his signs were so adorable. DH now admits he was totally wrong. DS talking is the most awesome thing!