These last few nights, for some reason or another, I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep. (Ok, one time it was Bingo, the other time, I was nesting again – in terms of trying to fix my house/organize. I’m not pregnant again.) As a result, I’ve been yelling at poor DS a LOT. Like, I’ve turned into one of those people. You know, the mean, harried mom who looks like she’s about to beat the crap out of her kids. I yelled at DS so loudly the other day that DD, who was laying in my lap and crying, stopped and stared at me with a quizzical/shocked/hilarious/”Who is this person?” expression. As soon as I started speaking sweetly to her again, she bust back into crying. I just can’t win.

The worst is with DS and his non-stop whining. “Cookie! Cookie!” “Y-Y! Y-Y!” (Wanting to watch Super Why.) I suppose he wouldn’t whine nearly as much if I let him eat cookies and candy and juice while watching TV/iPad/iPhone all day. Seriously, he watches enough as it is! I can handle it mostly alright during the day, but somehow, around late afternoon/evening, my patience is all eaten away and I just yell. (And it’s terribly effective at accomplishing NOTHING.) I feel like a jerk.

The good thing is that right when I’m about to combust, DS will do something super cute. Thank God he is really, really, really ridiculously good-looking. Truthfully, he really isn’t doing much that is terribly naughty. He’s just being two. Plus, I’m attempting to potty-train him and although I don’t mind discovering pee by stepping in it, (happened this evening after he went to bed and I went to do the second load of laundry for the day), I can’t say I enjoy it overly much.

Also, I know that he starts acting up when he’s tired/hungry/bored/lonely. I really could head off many of these melt-downs if I just hid his snacks/fed him/played with him instead of facebooking/putting together a stroller/breastfeeding/cooking/going to the bathroom.

This is all just to say that I need to go to bed earlier.

So, to remind me why I love my children, here are a few funny things that have happened in the last few days:

1) During his nap yesterday, I swear DS dreamed of cookies. He started crying and then saying, “More!”

2) DD couldn’t breathe today at the park and she was hungry and squalling. I had no squeezy bulb so I literally had to suck it up. That’s love.

3) Today, DS taught me the “I dot choo” game. Well, I guess I taught it to him by grabbing him and tickling him and saying, “I’ve got you!” He’s just learned how to request it.

4) When I was tucking DS in tonight, I said, “I love you!” DS replied, “I luh you!” Then I said it again and he replied, “I no luh you!” and laughed hysterically.