I know. I promised DD updates a few posts ago and never gave them. I am terrible. Here we go then!

1) DD is truly such a sweet baby. She is so happy, smiley and good-natured. Any time someone pays any attention to her, she just soaks it up and rewards you with a huge, burbley smile. It’s adorable. Of course, this also highlights the fact that my second child is so starved for attention that she has resorted to bribing us. 🙂

2) DD loves to stand and look around. She also loves to be lifted in the air and moved around. When I am laying down on my back and have her sit on my chest and wiggle around, she laughs. Her laugh is so sweet!

3) DD is more fat than long. She is currently in the 81% for weight but only the 30% for height. She’s my little hamburger! hee!

4) A decent number of people have been saying she looks like me. I’m not sure she does. I think they only say that because she looks more Asian than DS does – therefore, she must look like me. I’ll take it though!

5) DD is really so easy. Half the time, I forget she exists because she is so mellow! (Ok, that’s not true – but she really is very easy to take care of!)

6) DD loves to hear me sing and pay undivided attention to her when DS is napping. She then will chat and chat and chat. She’s quite a talker. 🙂 It’s like she’s been saving all her sounds and vocalizations for when we finally pay her more focused attention. Poor thing. She’s so enthusiastic, too! It sounds like an actual conversation. Of course, my kid is brilliant!

7) Every time DS leans in to kiss her or hold her or talk to her, she smiles. It is so sweet to see them interact.

8) DD just gets prettier and prettier. She’s so cute! It warms my cold, dark heart to hear DH call her, “Sweetness.” He is convinced that she gets prettier every day.

9) I can’t believe she’s already 3.5 months old! The time is passing by so much faster for her. She has been sleeping through the night since she hit 1 month and for the most part, sleeps about 10-12 hours a night. I mean, seriously. It’s just not right how easy she is.

10) DD spits up about as much as DS did so I’m used to that. It’s funny because I barely remember what DS was like as a baby – but I sure remember all the spit up!

11) I feel as if DD’s voice got lower the last week or so. Also, she is much louder now and often has a running commentary.

12) Just like DS did when they were babies, DD will be very angry because she’s hungry or upset or something and I will shove a boob in her mouth. Then, she will still be angry, but she will also be greedily sucking down milk. At the same time, she will be making these grumbling noises indicating to me that although she is pleased with the milk part, she is still putting me on notice. Hilarious.

13) DD has huge hands but regular sized feet. She is also losing all her hair. Oddly enough, it makes her even cuter.

14) Sometimes, she looks so much like DS in her profile that when I’m nursing her, I think she is DS. It doesn’t help that she is wearing all his old clothes. However, I also try to actively pray for her and her future when she is nursing. I want so much good for her.

15) She lights up my life. I never knew my love was ever-expanding.