So I will just have a short update today.

1) Since I’m sick of DS waking up soaking through his night time diaper every day, I have removed his water from his room. He did not enjoy that this evening and cried and screamed on and off (he hasn’t done this for a long time now) for about 45 minutes before he finally went to sleep.

2) Operation Stop Thumb Sucking commences tomorrow. I would’ve started tonight, but I removed his water and didn’t want him to have no means to comfort himself – by sucking his thumb OR by drinking water to remove the taste of Mavala Stop from his mouth.

3) I am holding off on potty training boot camp until the week of 2/13. Then I am taking my kid over to a friend’s house and we are turning up the heat and stripping our kiddos and feeding them lots of salty foods and lots of water. For a week. It will be fun.

Hrm… this was a decent sized post after all! YAY!