Speaking of financials (since I just did them for the month for our family), I did some fancy calculating about our mortgage. (In my head, of course. Kidding! Here’s a great Amortization Schedule excel sheet that you can use. It’s awesome.) Ever since we got our mortgage, we’ve paid an additional amount every month on our principal. This year, DH wanted us to make an extra full payment a quarter. In total, it works out to about 5 extra payments (in full principal, not just paying down interest) a month. When I input that all in the fancy spreadsheet, we will pay off our mortgage in June 2026. That is 14 years from now instead of 30.


The power of compound interest and math.

(Incidentally, there will be arguments that it is not wise to put so much money away in our mortgage since it’s not liquid and the opportunity cost of the market. Suffice to say, we have enough in savings/emergency funds and at this rate, the market is volatile and paying down my mortgage “earns” me 4.875%. That’s better than cash and more certain than the stock market. Don’t worry. We have money in the market.)

This is quite the incentive for me to STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY.