Of course, throughout the day, I run across stories that I would love to blog (but my hands are full of kiddos) so I file them away. But when I finally get the chance to blog, I either completely blank from either tiredness or laziness. *sigh* So sorry. That’s two posts in a row that suck. 😦

I’ll leave you with a cute tidbit from tonight.

DS skipped his bath this evening because he spent at least half an hour running around naked and saying, “Hi,” to himself in the mirror and giggling hysterically. Every time DH tried to corral him to take a bath, DS would take off at a run, go to the mirror and repeat the process of self-love. When DH finally got DS into the tub, DS refused to sit down and started to scream. I decided that the bath was not a hill I wanted DH to die on tonight, so DS didn’t get a bath at all. Good thing we just lazed around the house all day.