YUM! Tis the season and all that! Our haul this year included:

4 – Thin Mints
2 – Peanut Butter (DH keeps these at the office since DS is allergic to peanuts)
2 – Trefoils (delicious with tea!!)
2 – New Lemon Wedges (still awaiting these)

I realize that is $40 for cookies, but I don’t care.

Oh, and my brother has claimed my blog is sleep inducing and a cure for insomnia. Sorry my life is so boring. *sigh* He also complained that I repeated stories I told him on this blog. Hey, kid brother – you’re not the only person who reads this blog! :p

Ok, I meant to write a different type of post but then I got distracted by the shiny that is amazon. Off to bed with me.