Yes! An update on DD FIRST. 😀 What? Has the earth’s axis tilted? Every now and then, I show preference to my youngest. hee.

1) I finally started sleep training DD because I am not going to make the same mistakes I did with DS. She’s been really good about falling asleep on her own in her crib when I put her down awake. As long as she’s tired, she knows she’s in her crib, moves around a bit and falls asleep. Tonight, she did not do as well when I put her to bed for the night. After about 30 minutes or so of crying and screaming, she fell asleep.

Even though she is my second child to go through this, it STILL SUCKS to hear my baby cry. My comfort is that she will not remember – nor will this harm her. Plus, it will make my life MUCH easier and I don’t have to wait until she DOES remember to do this. (Or at least, when she is walking and then choosing to BARF all over me because she doesn’t want to sleep. That would be DS.)

2) She has the most GLORIOUS smiles. 🙂 My mom claims that DD smiles the most for me and with me. My mom also claims that DD looks at me as if she adores me and though she is easy going and lets other people hold her, who she really wants is ME. I am ok with this even if it is all lies my mother is telling me.

3) DD is now quite the chatterbox. She is even starting to talk more when DS is awake. (Normally, she has to wait until DS is asleep in order to get a word in edgewise.) It’s funny though since her sounds are very guttural right now and all cough sounding like. I really can’t explain unless I upload a video – and since I’m crazy about protecting her infant identity on this blog, you’ll just have to imagine it. Sorry that I’m not really providing much in the way of fodder.

4) DD has a beautiful laugh. She is also ticklish so that adds to the awesome cuteness.

5) DD now has four teeth. They came in about a month or two ago. Yes. They came in early. Yes. They hurt when she clamps down on my nipple and THEN TEARS AND PULLS AWAY.

6) DD loves her Jacques the Peacock that my good friend got for DS when he was born. I love watching her just attack the thing and shove it in her mouth, crinkling and squooshing and chomping away. DELISH.

7) DD really enjoys sitting in her exersaucer. Somehow, I don’t recall DS being as coordinated at her age. She is great at hitting the keyboard, tugging on the rings, and she gets so excited she bounces/jumps. Thankfully, I also learned a thing or two since DS and I only put her in the exersaucer a long time after she’s good and full of milk. That way, it’s settled more and she doesn’t vomit it all back up.

8) DD loves her big brother. She watches and follows him across the room and smiles whenever he leans in to kiss her or hug her. I love it.

9) DD only poops every 2-3 days. And then, it is EXPLODEY poop.

10) DD is super-wriggly when I change her diaper. She will just smile and smile as she twists and turns and kicks her little fat legs so that I can barely put on her diaper. I find it highly amusing.

11) She had her four month check up yesterday (Ok, I was a few weeks late. Whoops!) and got more vaccination shots. She was SO mad!! DS would be easily comforted and would just glom onto a boob and then stop crying. She was mad and refused the breast and cried for awhile. She also reacts more poorly to the shots and just sleeps and sleeps. DS didn’t even blink.

12) DD started refusing the bottle at around 3 months (just like DS). I had to come home from a wedding (which was an hour away) because she refused to eat and wailed anew every time she caught sight of the bottle. Hopefully, a faster flowing nipple will solve the problem. Otherwise, I guess she’s coming along on my girls weekend trip at the end of April.

There you have it. I feel as if I don’t have much new to add for DD because she is still so little and the things that I notice are things that I mentioned last time. But she is super sweet and I love her dearly. I can’t believe the time is just flying by so quickly!