At least, for the next few days (until Friday). DH will be in NC on business and I’m at home with the kiddos. I don’t know how my friends who live far from their families do it. Thank goodness for my mother who lives 6.7 miles away and comes after work/exercise to help me during the bath and bedtime routines. Obviously, it is doable without her, but it’s much better WITH HER!

I am so grateful for her.

The other reason why it’s a bit inconvenient that DH is gone is a little more worrisome. Yesterday, a man called the local Chamber of Commerce (of which I used to serve as a board member) and he told them that I went to high school with him and had witnessed a crime committed against him. He wanted my contact information and the Chamber said they would take a message and his contact information, but would not give him mine. However, just a cursory Google of my name would give my work info, so that clearly only would stop the stupid. The ladies at the Chamber said he sounded strange and called me to warn me. The name they gave me did not click with me at all – and I just thought it was odd.

He then called my work number and my mom answered the phone. She said he raved on and on. He said that I was part of a group of people that attacked him when we followed him to a library and that he had gathered evidence against me and wanted me to call him. He said he was going to pursue legal action or something. My mom said he was yelling and angry and didn’t make sense and that he sounded crazy. She was very worried about my home information being available (it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean it also isn’t easy enough to find if someone is determined). She then lectured me in email about making sure I didn’t have my home information in a directory (which I don’t) and some other obvious stuff. At least the guy gave my mom his real name (which I did recognize and vaguely recalled someone saying he was crazy).

So, of course, I called the police. After all, even though the police can’t really do anything until something happens, at least there should be  record and pattern of history established should this situation escalate. The police officer opened an incident file and called the guy up with the number he provided. The officer told the man to stop calling me. This is when the guy said that I had been “peeping on” him at the library and that many people “peep on” him. The officer told him that if he had a crime to report, to call the local police department and file a report, but otherwise, to stop calling me. The guy responded by saying he legally could call me as often as he wanted until I filed a restraining order. The officer told me to file a restraining order if the guy ever called again.


I have no idea how I was singled out for this dubious honor.

I seriously think this guy may be schizophrenic. Definitely mentally unstable – which, of course, is worrisome in itself if I were just a grown up, but even more so now that I have two beautiful babies. It’s difficult to say what to do. I mean, how paranoid and life-altering should this get? I don’t think he will seriously try to locate me, but you never know. So, I’ve taken to having my alarm on at all times and making sure my craigslist habit is transacted in more public arenas (but really, what are the odds that he’s the crazy person behind an ad?). Plus, I suppose I should always give DH or my mom a head’s up about my daily activities and check in with them.

But other than that, (and I suppose, generally being more aware of my surroundings), what can I do? (Oooh, come to think of it, I should probably start closing the garage when I’m unloading the kiddos since I do leave them in their seats to take them out one at a time.)

I’ll likely pray for safety or whatnot, but it is somewhat troubling, no? Thus far, no creepy phone calls today. Let’s hope that holds!