Sorry about the no post yesterday night. We went out to watchThe Hunger Games while my mom watched the kiddos. Turns out, DS refused to sleep until 11pm and as a result, was rather a pill today. But an earlier than usual nap seemed to cure most of it. 😀 I thought the movie was good but the book was much better. However, DH, who doesn’t read fiction, thought the movie was really good.

So, there you go. 😀

Also, some random thoughts to close out the post:

1) I find it odd that Evangelical Christians want so badly to make the laws of this country a return to Biblical values. Particularly since the Old Testament Israelites had laws that were technically, Biblical. And truly, they had plenty of rape, crime, adultery, idolatry, and a run of real shitty rulers. Furthermore, in the New Testament, (I think), it is written that ALL have fallen short of the Law, and that all are condemned by the Law. Not sure what the point of this thought is except that I find it ironic as well as sad.

2) I think DS and DD are so adorable and sweet and cute and lovely and I break out into happy tears whenever I ponder them a little too deeply. ALL THESE FEELINGS!!

3) After having had children, I have discovered so many new fears. (This, in itself, could be a long post. As it is, we will just stick with a quickie.) I find myself bargaining with God as well as just looking at the odds of something bad happening (in order to calm myself down). After all, I am 33 and nothing truly terrible has happened to me (nor to the majority of my friends) so the odds of something happening to my children is also very slim. Sometimes, the slim odds aren’t enough to comfort me.

4) I feel guilty that I bought all these used Thomas and Friends trains when I just saw some pics of my friend’s kid with brand new ones. I don’t know why I feel guilty about buying used ones since FFS these things are EXPENSIVE brand new and really, DS couldn’t care less since all he knows is that they are trains and are his and he loves them enough to sleep with them for naps and at bedtime, but still, I feel bad for some reason. *whew* Deep breath.

5) I am pretty frakkin’ tired yet I am still on the intarwebz. Clearly, I am also an idiot. A tired idiot.