My MIL came for Easter weekend and DS LOVED it. It really does make me happy to see her and DS (and in the future, DD) bond and like each other more and more. Of course, she does get on my last nerve, but my MIL goes out of her way to incorporate what I’ve mentioned to her in the past. For instance, she greatly watches what she says around the kids now. I didn’t hear one single, “How stupid of me!” or really, anything terribly negative from her.

If any of you have ever tried to curb or cut out something from your vocabulary, you know just how hard that is. But she did awesome all weekend! I don’t think I could do that. So, even though my MIL claims she isn’t a loving person, I can tell just by all the effort she puts in to change her way of speaking around the babies that she IS a loving person.

I am so grateful. 🙂