Sorry for being so lazy this week. I think last week’s heat wave sucked all the energy out of me. This week, I reveled in reading and watching TV. I didn’t feel like blogging. 😦 Bad me!

My brother’s wedding went off well! It was good to be around family and friends. I have a new sister! The kiddos were awesomely cute. DS had cold feet last minute and refused to pull the wagon with DD in it so I had to walk him down the aisle and a bridesman pulled the wagon. It was the most physically miserable I’ve ever been at a wedding. 90+, facing the hot afternoon sun – and I was in a dress! I can only imagine how hot and miserable (physically – not emotionally) all the guys at the wedding were! Sheesh!

The reception was lovely (although hot!) and the food was delicious. DS had an entourage of at least five adults and they were all exhausted chasing him around. He had an awesome time. He as really tired, though – and requested to go home and go to sleep in his bed while we were driving home. Of course, I threw both kiddos in the bath first because they were disgusting. Yick.

This weekend, I’m going on a girls’ weekend and leaving DD for the first time. Granted, she’ll be with DH (and so will DS) but I am a lot worried. Not because DH can’t handle it, but because DD refuses the bottle. But as everyone keeps reassuring me, she will eat when she’s hungry enough, and if she doesn’t, 27 hours is not long enough for her to starve. (Especially as she is SO FAT.)

Ok. Off to read. πŸ˜€