It’s been awhile since the last update so here are a few for DD:

1) 4/24/12 – DD turned over! I was very excited because she was about a month behind DS in the turning over department. Now, if she’s not tired enough for her naps, she will flip over and get stuck like a turtle on her back. It’s hilarious. She doesn’t think it’s that awesome, but that’s because she’s the one who’s flipped over. heehee.

2) DD is now an expert in her exersaucer and her feet can finally touch the ground. (I feel that in the last two weeks, it went from just tip-toes/balls of her feet to almost ALL her feet.) She is far more coordinated at playing with all the toys and rings and buttons than DS ever was.

3) DD is SUPER aggressive. When she sees something she wants, she just laser focuses and grabs it! Then shoves it into her mouth. heehee. Our fatty girl knows what she wants and knows how to get it!

4) I was a bad Mommy and found DD with the monitor cable in her mouth this afternoon. Of course, I promptly put the cable in a higher/safer place.

5) Remember when I said DD had four teeth? Welp, I was totally wrong. I could’ve sworn I saw them – but it’s been a few months and NONE. Zip. Nada. Still hurts like a MF when she clamps down and tears, though. YIPES.

6) She absolutely LOVES it when we include her into our conversations, games, and daily rhythms. She loves chasing her big brother and screams in delight.

7) Incidentally, I think DD thinks that screaming is the only way to talk because all she hears is DS yelling and screeching with joy and me yelling and screaming at DS to stop something or other. DD is a REALLY excellent screecher. Adorbs.

8) She is an excellent sleeper now. I can pretty much put her down awake and she’ll be asleep (usually) without any fuss. I love that when I exit her room, she props herself on her fat little arms and smiles as me as I tell her that I love her and that it’s sleepy time. So sweet. In fact, I often leave her to her own devices even when she wakes up. She usually pulls and chews on the bumper or practices creeping and flipping over for about ten minutes before I go in to get her.

9) Even though I put DD down at one end of the crib at night, she usually wakes up in the morning on the other end. She is sleep creeping! Hilarious!

10) DD blows raspberries ALL the time now. And wow – there certainly is a LOT of spit. hahaha. It’s so cute. She sometimes even blows raspberries when she’s supposed to be nursing. Needless to say, she doesn’t get much milk that way.

11) DD still hates the bottle but after I left for a weekend girls’ trip to Napa, she finally started taking the bottle. DH was awesome and found a position she doesn’t mind. Also, I think she was starving. DH weighed her after and she lost half a pound!

12) DD LOVES it when DS pays her any attention. She doesn’t mind (and in fact, lights up and laughs and gets super excited) when DS grabs her to give her kisses, climbs into her crib to play with/near her, and in general, steals or gives her toys. It’s lovely to see them interact and love each other. LOVELY.

13) I keep forgetting to take DD in for her 6 month checkup. Yes, I am aware that she’s almost 7 months now.

14) DD is a fatty. heehee. At least she has grown a little taller so that she is no longer as short. Just meaty and full of muscles! I picked up my friend’s daughter who is three days older than DD and I almost launched her into the air. Who would’ve thought that 2-3 pounds would feel SO MUCH lighter?

15) I thought I wouldn’t be able to love another kid as much as I loved DS, but I was WRONG. I love DD totally and completely and have also surrendered to her mighty will. 🙂 I have TWO centers of the universe now. 😀