It’s around that time for another update. This time, we’ll start with DS.

1) Ever since coming back from our LA/SD trip, DS’s English has exploded. This pleases DH because now they can actually have more of a conversation. This makes me sad because I know this is just the beginning of English dominating his Chinese. It is inevitable, of course, but still disheartening. He is only 2.5 years old.

2) DS’s comprehension level has also sky-rocketed. We can no longer discuss him in front of him. He totally knows what we’re saying and takes advantage of us. For example, tonight, he came out of his room and I asked DH why DS was coming out and if he needed to poop. DH said that DS wanted to see me. However, as soon as DS heard the poop comment, he said he needed to poop. Oh, also, my kid can poop on demand. He sat there and squeezed out two teeny tiny poops because I threatened him with a spanking if he didn’t produce any. (Come on! This kid poops like a bjillion times a day!)

As for a good example, during the LA trip, we were at a friend’s house for dinner and their boy, JC, wanted back his trains that DS was playing with. Our friend was trying to explain to JC that DS was playing with it now and after he left, JC could have them back. JC was upset, of course. DS, from across the room, ran over and gave JC the trains. It was a nice (and rare) moment of parenting. Of which we could take ZERO credit.

3) DS LOVES his trains. He especially loves Gordon from the Thomas and Friends series. He loves Gordon so much that he sleeps with the train. The other day, we went to his friend, DL’s house and there was a smaller wooden Gordon train. DS loved it so much that when we left, he wanted to take the train away. The whole ride home, he kept asking for DL’s train. I spoke to DH about it and he told me just to spend the $17 for the train (which is totally against my principles. hahaha).

When we got the train on Thursday, I let DH do the honors of giving it to DS. We really should’ve video taped DS’s reaction. He was ecstatic and jumping up and down. He tells me several times a day that Papa gave him this Gordon and that he has so many Gordons now (“Hao duo Gordon!”). He calls the new wooden Gordon (which has now usurped the plastic Trackmaster Gordon) the “Xiao Gordon” (“Little Gordon”). I wonder if his old Gordon’s feelings are hurt and feels rejected and cast aside.

DS will talk to Gordon and ask him, “Gordon, how are you?” Every now and then, he will kiss Gordon. In the list of people DS likes and loves, (Mommy, Papa, DD, Ah-Ma, Gran-Gran), DS includes Gordon. “DS likes Gordon! DS love Gordon!” So cute.

4) DS is growing up so fast! I feel as if I’ve done a lousy job documenting things because seriously, in the last month or so, he seems to have matured a lot. Now, he plays very well on his own and has so many opinions! He wants to choose some of his own clothes (it helps that he is starting to know his colors more – current favorite: blue), put on and take off his own shoes, wash his hands himself, etc. He constantly tells me he’s a big boy. πŸ™‚

5) For a few days, DS has been saying, “I can’t!” when he can’t do something right away. First off, I have no idea how he knows how to say that! Second, I have been actively forcing him to do things. Now, when he does something he’s rather proud of, he’ll yell, “I did it!” Very cute!

6) He’s just such a joyful and happy child. I hope that this will last him his whole life (vs getting it pounded out of him by the bitter, cruel world). Although I do think suffering is a good teacher and builds character, I hope his suffering is of the garden variety and not the soul-crushing type.

7) DS can now give me a rundown of the day’s highlights. It is so fun to hear what is important to him and what stood out. Today, he said that he ran with his friend, VN, and saw water and played with a space shuttle. He said he had a good time. πŸ™‚

8) DS is so sweet to DD. When she cries in the car, he will say, “Meimei (“Little sister”), biao ku! (Don’t cry!)” Then sometimes, he’ll say (I’ll translate it into something most people can understand), “We’re almost home! You can eat milk!”

He loves to crawl into her crib when she wakes up from naps and play with her. DD loves that, too! She adores him! He will bring her toys, try to feed (and steal) her snacks, and often hugs and kisses her. It is so sweet.

9) Prior to the trip, DS was awesome at sleeping. For nap time or bed time, we would close the door, he would play with his trains and then go to sleep. After the trip, it’s back to his old bad habits. He’ll stall indefinitely and then get up a million times (usually to tell me he has to poop) and he’ll wake up in the middle of the night and crawl into bed with us. It’s getting a little better, but I’m not going to do anything major until we get back from our Hawaii trip at the end of this month. There’s no point in having to do it all over again.

10) DS still loves to hunt Easter eggs. Ever since Easter, he has pretty much gone outside to find eggs almost every single day. Hey, whatever makes him happy. πŸ™‚

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend! We’re going cherry picking tomorrow. πŸ˜€