A funny story about DS from last night:

Lately, DS will stall and stall right before bed and come out several times to “Poopoo.” (The past tense, according to him is, “Poot.”) Although DS can poo on command, sometimes, he just doesn’t have anything in the pipeline (so to speak). So, in an effort to curb his lying/stalling, I tell him that if he doesn’t poop when he says he needs to, then I will spank him.

Last night, he came out to poop for a second time but didn’t have any. So I repeatedly warned him about the spanking and when he got up from the potty, he smiled and spanked himself lightly and grinned. I started laughing. He thought that if he spanked himself, I wouldn’t spank him!

Of course, as funny as it was (and he got a long hug for it), I still spanked him. Not too hard, but enough to smart! Then he went to bed.

Hilarious. 🙂