Or a fancy term for kneecap instability. *sigh* This is how I know I’m getting older. My body parts keep failing – and my left knee is just the latest part that has rebelled. Somehow, I dislocated my knee yesterday while trying to help DS onto the potty. It popped back in, but then I re-dislocated it again in the afternoon. Again, it popped back in, but it hurt!

I debated going to the doctor because I only thought that my knee had cracked. I just assumed I was blowing things out of proportion since my knee only hurt in certain situations (one of which was straightening my leg). I figured the doctor would just tell me to stop doing what was causing pain. heehee. Then the doctor told me I had dislocated my kneecap. I didn’t even know that was something that could happen!

So, I’m in a knee support sleeve thing for 6 weeks and no kneeling! (Which is difficult to remember – and DO when you have two young children. I kept forgetting today and my kneecap would slide around and hurt like the dickens!) I am allowed to squat. *sigh* Ah well. This should be fun?