Today, I went temporarily insane and brought DD and DS to the County Fair by myself. It was 97 degrees and I think the kiddos had a great time. They were, of course, hot and exhausted, but they also saw a bunch of livestock, trains, fire engines, rides (although, DS only rode two – he doesn’t like rides), and played with a bunch of musical instruments. I pushed over 90 lbs of stroller, babies, and stuff for about 3 hours. I am also exhausted.

It was mostly worth it, though. I am big on creating new traditions for our little family – and the county fair is definitely one of them. Others, of note, are:

1) Yearly trip to LA and SD
2) Cherry picking
3) County Fair (obviously)
4) Christmas Tree (which seems stupid, but our family hadn’t had a Christmas tree since 1995 – we fixed that in 2010)
5) Trips to visit family (Hawaii, DC, Taiwan, and of course, LA)

That’s all the ones I can think of right now, but I plan on creating more. It’s a lovely thing, traditions. It helps us look back to touchstones in our childhood and figure out the rhythms of life. I look back (mostly) fondly on the childhood traditions we had. I hope my kids do the same.

Oh! Just thought of some that we have yet to start, but I would like to in the future.

1) Joint vacations with family friends to a bunch of national parks
2) Playing cards and mah jong
3) Game nights (and we’re talking super geeky games)

Ok. That’s it for now. I need to shove food in my face and watch SYTYCD.