Yesterday started off majorly in the Motherhood Fail Way. DS woke up at 5:30 and refused to go back to sleep. I was pissed. Then DD woke up because of DS’s crying which made me even MORE pissed. DH was awesome and took both kiddos downstairs (despite him also being super tired) and let me sleep another two hours. Sadly, the two hours did nothing to improve my mood. I think I yelled and swore at DS a ridiculous amount.

One time I yelled, DS had such a hurt look on his face and DH scooped him up and said, “I know.”

Such shame and sadness and amusement coursed through me at that moment. So much sympathy from Papa to son about the crazy mommy. *sigh* I wish that spurred me to change, but I did not. It got much better when we got to the County Fair though. Some unexpected small thing such as being able to put the double stroller on the small shuttle from the parking lot to the fair entrance buoyed my mood. I was much better after that.

DS remembered all the stuff we saw from Wednesday and wanted to see them all again. So, we did the same circuit. I am impressed DS knew where things were. (I mean, seriously, it’s a huge fairground.) We saw cows, goats, firetrucks, bunnies, ducks, peacocks, chickens, and then, the most awesome thing in the world. The model train exhibit.

We stopped briefly on Wednesday for the model train exhibit, but since all the running trains and tracks were a good four feet off the ground, it was difficult for DS to see anything from the stroller. I tried to hold him and push the stroller at the same time, but that was difficult. He stood a bit on the observation post, but then he wanted to see the trains as they moved. So, today, I was prepared. I made DH take and hold him so DS had an AWESOME time. They were in the exhibit for a good half hour at least.

DD saw some of the exhibit and tapped against the glass at some of the moving trains, but mostly, she was hypnotized by this magnetic signal outside. It just swung back and forth with a bright red light and she could not look away. It was cute.

DS also got to watch some kids’ dance performances, ate a bunch of ice cream, and rode on two rides. The same as Wednesday – the train and the boat. After that, he just wanted to see the rides – not go on them. Not that I mind. Much less expensive!

Of course, everyone was exhausted and DS fell asleep on the way home. Thank God he transferred from the van to his room with no problems. (Quite a rarity.) I had to wake him up after only an hour though because I am NOT having a repeat of this morning (and the past few mornings) of a 5am wake up call.

When DD woke up as well, I let DH continue sleeping and took the kids to feed ducks at a local shopping plaza. DS loves this plaza because of the ducks, the playground, and all the steps. He loves to climb steps. DD loved to watch DS feed the ducks. I would’ve let her try and feed ducks, too, but I’m pretty sure she would’ve eaten the duck feed. 😉

Then, we went to my mother’s house for a quick visit. DS had dinner and ran around. He always has such a wonderful time with my mom. DD, too. Whenever my mom comes over, DD will squeal and flap her arms in delight. It’s adorable.

So, thankfully, although the day started off with me being all Hulk Smash, it ended on a lovely note.