I won’t kid myself. It’s not going to be a vacation.

Ok, I will stop complaining. We are heading out to Honolulu to visit DH’s extended family for a week. His grandmother broke her hip a month ago and his mom is flying in from LA to help out for three weeks. We will be visiting because his grandmother hasn’t met the kiddos yet (and they think she is going a bit senile). So, off to HI we go.

Thankfully, my mother has a timeshare and we were able to get a nice place for very reasonable. I think $230 for the whole 8 days and 7 nights. Of course, the plane tickets, car rental, and a slew of other costs will be super high, so I don’t know how people go on vacations! It’s hurting my brain to think of how much this whole trip will cost. YIPES!

It should be good to see DH’s extended family again. We haven’t seen them since summer of 2005 before the wedding and the babies. I looked up a bunch of places that are kid friendly and we may or may not go to all/any of them. The only thing I’m going to make time to see is the Dole Plantation because they have a 20 minute train ride that DS will go bonkers for. We may also visit the Hawaiian Railway, but that’s a 90 minute ride and quite frankly, once you’re ON the train, it’s pretty boring. But DS might enjoy looking at the rest of the trains so we still might go.

DH is excited to introduce DS to the beach. Since I hate the sun, water, and sand, I may not enjoy it as much, but I do want the kids to like it. So I will suck it up! Besides, the water is very pretty and warm, so it will be fun. Yes, I am psyching myself up for it! We might even put DD in the water, too! She’s pretty bold so she may just enjoy it!

I’m totally stressed out about packing for two babies. I mean, going to LA/SD is a pain, but at least I can just cram everything I think I could possibly need into the minivan. Going to HI, however, at $20 per checked bag – that’s an entirely different story! If only I could go back to the travel light days of two carryon bags only! That would be really difficult to do with kiddos. But at least we’re going to a warm climate. When we head out to DC for Christmas, that will suck more because cold weather clothes take a lot more room. (But I’m not gonna start stressing about that yet.)

This is all just a very long preamble to say that I most likely will not be posting for the next week and a half. Until then, have a great 4th of July!