I have totally spoiled DS rotten. So much so that when it comes to food, I’ve totally let him dictate what he eats. (Ok, not entirely, but seriously, I am embarrassed when we go out to eat.) After our Hawaii trip where DS just ate fries almost the whole week, I decided to go on food lockdown. Or maybe not lockdown, but whatever. I am cutting snacks down (a lot) and DS has to eat what I put in front of him. I will allow some variation, but he has to eat his food at the table and finish it if he wants his dessert. Yes, I have to outright bribe my child to eat the food I make him.

On top of that, DD is almost impossible to feed so I give up and just nurse her. As a result, she sometimes only eats snacks! Terrible! She hates fruits (I just don’t understand how that is possible in my household! I blame DH!!) and doesn’t really enjoy sweet or pureed things. She will eat savory foods and regular people foods, so I am now making only one lunch/dinner/breakfast and EVERYBODY is going to eat it. At mostly the same time. She has been better about eating things when I let her eat it herself, so even though it’s a mess, at least she’s eating.

Blargh. I never thought I would turn into a crazy person when it came to mealtimes, but I would get so frustrated, I hear myself making these outrageous statements and punishing DS with timeouts and spankings and threats and OMG I sound like my FATHER. *sigh* He is allowed to have preferences within reason. I just have to not back myself in a corner.

Hopefully, it will get better. IT DOES GET BETTER, RIGHT?