I am so grateful that DH’s job allows me to be a SAHM. I know there are times (and there were a few today) when I swear my palms are itching to slap the crap out of DS because he is pissing me off (don’t worry – I don’t hit him), but usually, he is just the sweetest. My days are full of my darling babies. Some recent highlights:

1) DS got a new (to him, anyway) garbage truck and boy does he love it! Today was trash day and there is one trash collector who gets out of his truck every week to chat with us. Well, DS was so excited that he ran back into the house to show off his new garbage truck to the man! The guy said it looked like his old garbage truck and made all the right appreciative noises. That guy is awesome.

2) DS has now started to sing the ABC’s. Adorable.

3) Before he falls asleep, I will lay with DS a little while and smother him with kisses. Now, he smothers me back! I LOVE this.

4) I love how DS is just a sweetheart. I know he’s really just parroting back what I say to him all the time, but I really enjoy hearing him say, “Be careful, Mommy!” when we walk down the stairs or if I bump into something. Or when he says, “Goodnight, Mommy!” Or just his interpretation of what it means to talk on the phone. It’s a lot of “Hello” and “Good bye!” His sweet little voice. I love it.

5) DD is now starting to get upset when DS sits in my lap. Of course, he’s usually doing that so she can’t. hahaha. So now, both of them will try to push out the other and squeeze into my lap. I have no idea what will happen when I have more kids.

6) DD is such a beast. She started crawling super fast when we went to Hawaii and hasn’t slowed down yet. She is cruising and crawling and pulling up all over the place. DS was never this mobile before he started walking. In fact, DD is so mobile and aggressive that she is now climbing stairs. I mean, REALLY?

7) DD is a pickier eater than DS was at her age so it’s totally throwing me for a loop. That said, you can totally tell she just wants to be big because all she wants is to eat the things DS and the rest of us eat. (So, for the most part, I’ve been letting her.) You know she’s excited when her feet kick at light speed. 😀

8) Since I’ve had to re-sleep train DD after the Hawaii trip, it’s so sad whenever I leave the room. She gets SO MAD and just breaks down crying in a way that almost seems to say, “Why are you abandoning me??” Thankfully, she gets over it quickly and then goes right to sleep. (For the most part.) It does not get easier just because she’s the second child.

9) I love how excited DD gets when DS pays attention to her and plays with her. She ADORES her big brother. Fills me with such goopey happiness.

10) It’s funny. At the end of the day when they’re both in bed and I’m relieved to have a moment to myself, I spend a lot of it staring at their sweet faces on the monitor and wishing I could hold them a bit more.

Love is grand.