Forgot to post last night. Here are some funny stories of the babies today.

1) Both DS and DD fight to get into my lap when they see the other in it. I’m particularly surprised by DD’s reaction since I think it’s early for jealousy to kick in, right? At any rate, every time she sees DS in my lap, no matter where she is, she books it to get a piece of her mama, too.

2) Even though DD is a pickier eater than DS was at her age, when she sees DS eat something, even if it’s something she doesn’t like, she DEMANDS to have some. She will not be left out! So, I’m trying to use this to my advantage. 😀 Incidentally, DD also demands a spoon/fork so she can be like big brother. She’s not a baby. She’s a big girl!

3) DD stood up by herself today without pulling up on anything. She briefly pushed off of my knee, but then stood up, was free standing for a bit, and then sat back down. This girl is ridiculous!

4) I got an awesome deal on a tub of wooden tracks (along with some hidden cars and trains) at the garage sale this past weekend. A big tub for $20 (including the tub)! DS was super pleased. Also, DH is really into building massive tracks that take over my entire family room.

5) DS really seems to like babies. A lot of my playgroup friends have babies around DD’s age and when they come over, DS likes to hug and kiss them. All DS does is wrestle with his sister, though. Not so much with the kisses (though it’s been known to happen).

Ok. I’m drinking a beer (I really had a craving for one) and I’m starting to get sleepy. See you tomorrow!