Someone stole my dad’s cel phone and racked up $434+ charges to Jamaica and Guyana. At least Verizon is being pretty good about it and will most likely refund all my money. I’m just annoyed because of all this time it takes. It’s not easy being on hold with two toddlers!!

Plus, I swear my mother is a teenager. She has used up almost all our cell minutes for the month. I now have to upgrade our phone plan. For the record, my husband uses ZERO minutes, I barely use any. My MOM, however, has used over 600 and we still have two weeks left in our billing cycle. o.O This is clearly revenge for my teenage years.

My mom laughed and said she was in rebellion. heehee. At least the upgrade is only $15 and next month, she does not anticipate using the phone quite as much so I will downgrade back to my original plan. SHEESH.