Sorry about last Friday. DS has been manipulating himself into our bed at night so it cuts down on my interwebs time at night. Anyhow, I think we’re due for some kiddo updates, right? We’ll start with DD tonight. There are a bunch so I will split up DS’s updates for the next post.

1) Don’t think DD is easily bullied just because she’s smaller. The other day, she clocked DS in the face with a train. When I told her, “No,” she started crying. (She is also a manipulator.)

2) DD loves to climb things. Stairs. Up slides. Onto our ride-on train. Into this egg chair we have. Onto their little toddler sized tables. Our glider by way of footstool. One afternoon, she walked up to me while I was sitting on the footstool and she started screaming at me while pulling hard on my shirt. I was really confused until I realized that she was trying to pull me off the stool so that she could climb onto the glider. What. Is. That?

3) My mom will give each of the kiddos a tiny Godiva chocolate every time she is over. DD will now find her purse and dig through it to try and get chocolates. If my mom tells her, “No,” she will make very angry sad sounds.

4) DD loves to ride and drive her Cozy Coupe car. Oh heck, she loves to climb on and ride all our ride-on cars. She can even climb onto our train and has figured out how to hit the buttons for the train sounds and for the train to go on its own.

5) DD LOVES snacks. She can also eat a ton. She makes really angry/whiny grunts whenever she sees a cup of water. Loves to drink water. Recently, I introduced her to a sippy cup and she is just in rapturous joy over it now that she can access her own water whenever she wants.

6) DD knows there are snacks in my purse so she will dig into my bag and bring out the snacks. When she is denied, she starts to scream and cry. (I wonder where she learned this from? DS certainly didn’t start this behavior until he was at least 18 months.)

7) I often find DD to much older than she is because she is doing stuff DS couldn’t do until 18 months. I think it’s a girl thing? Either that or DD is much smarter than DS. Or she just picks it up from DS. Yeah, that’s it.

8) Watching DD dance is comical. She is such a little spitfire.

9) Because she is about two inches shorter than DS was at this age, it’s really disconcerting to such a short little person walking around with such a big personality. She may be quiet, but she’s sneaky! heehee.

10) I always joke that all we have to do is put a beard/goatee on her and we have DH. But better looking.

11) DD still hates baths and water in general. Poor kiddo. Both my children are destined to be hydrophobic. *sigh*

12) Finally, after a month and a half of transitioning back from Taiwan, DD is back to napping on her own without adult interference (with nursing, rocking, patting, etc.).

13) I can’t believe she’s turning ONE in less than a month! How is that possible? This year has just flown by.