Ok. As promised, here are DS’s updates:

1) DS is starting to pick up things I do way too fast. (I mean, he did before, but now, I really have to watch it.) He recently gave me a time out for tossing a toy onto the train table. He said (in Chinese), “Bad Mommy! No throwing! Time out!”

2) DS also tells me to “Be careful, Mommy!” when we go down the stairs. He wants to make sure I hold onto the bannister and tells me to go slowly.

3) One morning, when he accidentally dropped a bunch of cereal in my lap, he kept repeating, “I’m sorry, Mommy!” It was one of the few times he actually said, “Sorry” correctly. It was sweet. He kept kissing me and hugging me. (I extract kisses per apology. Those are the rules. I don’t make them. *shrug*)

4) After trying out the pre-school a few weeks ago, it is pretty clear that DS was a little too young. He enjoyed it, but his attention span was too short. He might be better suited in a few months. However, I will now be trying to have him do some Montessori-esque activities to start prepping him for pre-school. Sorting beads, threading macaroni, screwing and unscrewing jars, etc. He really does enjoy it! (I have to remember that those are option instead of always resorting to the iPhone.)

5) Mealtimes are my least favorite times of day. Other than the sheer headache of figuring out what to feed him, (although, I’ve been more and more just having him eat what we eat,) it is getting him to eat it. Bribery, screaming, cajoling, what not. I HATE IT. I want to thwack him so hard sometimes. It would seem that I’m trying to POISON him. Geez. Sometimes, I miss breastfeeding.

6) DS has started to need some sort of outside activity (running, riding his plasma car, pulling the wagon) or he will not nap easily. This makes me very sad because that means I do not get to nap, either. BOOOOOOOOO! Plus, if he does end up napping, he doesn’t end up falling asleep until past 10pm. But if he doesn’t nap, sometimes, he is a real pill. Blargh. Transitions suck.

7) Now that so many of his friends are in preschool, I’ve been scrambling to find different/new friends for him to play with. Inevitably, most of them are much younger. It makes me sad. Other people’s children are forcing me to pay money so that DS will have something to do! BLARGH.

8) He really is just a bundle of laughs. So full of energy. Loves his trains (I keep buying more materials). Loves cars. Loves TV. (Terrible, I know.) He just has so much personality. I’m also starting to switch out some books we read to him at bedtime because I am getting bored, but more so, he is starting to like stories. It’s just getting harder for me to translate them into Chinese.

9) Ever since I got a small used sandbox, DS actually wants to play in the sand! (He hates playing in the sand at parks.)

10) It’s so crazy that he is his own person. DS can be understood by people other than ME, now! He’s getting so tall and so big. *sniff* I can’t believe he’s almost three!

11) I am trying to teach DS letters and numbers and he’s not bad. Actually, he’s the one who started wanting to know what letters were in the books we were reading.

Anyhow, his favorite letter in the whole world is W. I have no idea why, but it is.

This is how he sings the ABC song. “ABCD W birfday!”

12) Incidentally, he loves birthdays because there is cake. On the morning of my birthday, DH made the mistake of telling him it was my birthday as soon as he woke up. This was followed by much insistent demanding of “birfday caaaaaaake!”

Ok. That’s all I can think of for now. I am sure more will come to me.