I know. It’s been a week. In my defense, it’s really hard to blog when your laptop is in the room your kid sleeps in. Yes, yes. It’s a laptop. That means I can move it. But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyhow, some updates:

1) DS is still sleeping in our room. I moved him because there were ants in his and he hasn’t moved back. I don’t really mind. It’s snuggly.

2) As a result of him sleeping in our room, DH and I have been going to bed around 9:30pm almost every night. We have been very well rested this past week or two. It’s cutting into my reading and TV time, though!

3) DD is nine days away from being ONE! ONE! Anyone else find that a bit too fast?

4) DS counted to ten in Chinese for the first time, today. So pleased!

5) DD is very demanding. When she wants to nurse, she grabs my shirt and pulls me toward her. Plus, she has this goofy grin. It’s hilarious.

6) Speaking of nursing, I am thinking of cutting down some of it so that I can jump start my period. I currently nurse before and after each nap as well as before and after she goes to sleep for the night. I have mixed feelings about this because it’s much easier to feed babies with your boobs vs. actually giving them real food. On the other hand, I really want to get pregnant again.

7) I really want to get pregnant again. I’m actually getting weekly acupuncture as well as peeing daily on a stick. I never had to try more than a few times with the previous two pregnancies. I’m not even really really really trying for this one, but dang, I’m gonna have to step it up.

8) Covert Affairs has been AWESOME this season. AWESOME.

Ok. Brain is fried.