Holy Shit. I can’t believe I’ve kept TWO children alive AT THE SAME TIME for a YEAR!! DD turns one today. 😀 She is such a happy, silly, enthusiastic, determined little person. I love how she is like those tiny dogs who think they’re German Shepherds. She simply does not realize that she is so small.

So, in honor of her birthday, we will get a randomized list of recent baby awesomeness.

1) Anything DS does, DD wants to, too. Oh, DS has trains and is playing nicely (mostly) by himself? DD-zilla is on her way for mass destruction and derailment! Oh, DS is jumping on the stairs, why, DD will join him! Ridiculous.

2) DD is very good at following instructions now. She will kiss me when I ask her to (sometimes – but with great purpose and much slobbering!). She will clean up and put toys away. She is adorable.

3) DD loves to pick up a comb and comb her hair.

4) DD LOVES shoes. Especially hers. She will dig through my diaper bag, find her shoes and demand that I put them on her feet so she can traipse and tromps and all around have a good time.

5) DD can climb onto our ride-on train and operate it. I find that astounding.

6) DD wants so badly to be able to reach door handles.

7) DD likes to play with these doll-house furniture pieces and holds them in her hot little hands and runs all over the house. (They’re these flip top wooden boxes and both she and DS like to put miniature books and things in them.)

8) DD loves to play musical instruments.

9) DD quite enjoys climbing onto a rocking chair and then rocks out. hee.

10) DD will eat half her meal in her high chair. If you don’t feed her fast enough, she makes these angry faces and grunts and shrieks. Once her initial starvation is sated, she squirms and twists and demands to be free. I let her go and then she will periodically come back to me and demand more food. Thus, she eats the second half of her meal as a grazer.

11) DD loves chocolate and the first thing she does when my mother comes through the front door is run to paw through my mom’s purse and find chocolate.

12) Lately, DD has started to walk with her arms extended behind her (like a V) and it his so funny. Like she is trying to make herself more aerodynamic. Also, she has started to fold her hands behind her back as she walks like a little general. DS used to do that, too. Still hilarious on THIS baby.

13) DD enjoys listening to music on the CD player. So much so that every time she hears something she likes, she walks to the CD player and turns it off. The power button is the only one she can reach so she keeps hitting it and is very dismayed when the music turns off.

14) She just started to be very curious about her shadow as well as the decals on her walls.

15) Once it hits about 5pm, DD really only wants me to hold her and be around her. Unless it’s my mother and she has chocolate. It’s kinda cute. Especially when she is in my lap and pushes DS away when he attempts to get in my lap. She goes for the eyes. You know, the soft, fleshy bits.

Anyhow, I can’t believe my baby girl is one. I never thought my heart would be able to love another baby as much as I love DS. The heart is truly a muscle and organ that has ever expanding capacities. She is my sweet, happy girl and I love her so dearly. She is mine, all mine!