Has it really been almost two weeks since I last updated? BLARGH and a HALF!

Um, um, um… Random updates then:

1) Halloween was fun. DS was a fireman and DD was a duck. ADORBS! DH and my mom took them out trick-or-treating and my normally ebullient son was reserved and shy and refused to say, “Trick or treat” or “Thank you.”

2) DS has been super-clingy lately. Like, SUPER clingy. Bursting into tears because he wants me to hold him forever (keep in mind, he is 34 pounds!!) and I won’t. Wanting to sit on me or just be as close as humanly possible without him actually being in my womb. It’s sweet and annoying. I am hoping that it’s because I’m pregnant (I don’t know yet. We’ll see soon!) and that he senses the hormones and it’s making him crazy. He was super clingy when I was pregnant with DD.

3) By the way, did I mention that I really want to be pregnant? So much so that I think I’ve convinced my body that I’m pregnant. Like, I’ve psychosomatically triggered pregnancy symptoms. We’ll see. *sigh* I HOPE SO!!

4) Since 10/13, we’ll have gone to (or will go to) a birthday party every weekend until Thanksgiving. Then we have a one week break and we’ll have another one in December. That’s a lot of birthdays. And a lot of present-giving. At least DS will get his fill of cake.

5) DS can now count to 10 in both Chinese and English. Of course, most often, he says, “1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 (seben!), 8, W, cake!”

6) DS’s latest thing is, “I NEED [insert whatever he “needs”]!” DH says that will be his most repeated line to girls when he reaches high school. *sigh* Leave it to DH to project all his hopes of a son who is a player. 😦

7) DH is leaving for Japan on Sunday and won’t be back until next Friday. YIPES! I will miss him – but mostly, I am sad because he will miss the babies.

8) DD is totally a Daddy’s girl. Her first words were, “Baba (father in Chinese), cheese (for photos),” and “bye bye.” I was very bitter that Mommy was NOT in there. She started saying, “Mama” the other day so all is forgiven. 😀 But every morning after her morning feeding, she rolls off me, stands up and says, “Baba” for DH to pick her up and take her downstairs. She stands up and lifts her arms toward him. It’s so cute.

9) I’ve been watching a close friend’s two boys about twice a week and it’s been a lot of fun. Her boys are so good and it’s my children who are little punks. heehee. I love it when they come over because DS and her oldest boy just run around and chase each other and wear each other out. LOVE IT. Plus, she always brings so much food for us. I tell her not to since she is so busy, but she insists. We gladly eat it. 😀 I seriously have the better end of this deal.

10) I keep forgetting to set DD’s one year appointment. *sigh* LAME.