The last week or two, my right foot has been hurting a lot, but only when I woke up in the middle of the night. Then it would hurt off and on and stop. Well, starting this past Wednesday, it hasn’t let up. I tried not to put much weight on it and it was fine, but today, it had gotten a lot worse. So much worse that I was limping badly. I thought that I might have a broken bone but couldn’t think of how I could possibly had broken it. Particularly since I haven’t dropped anything on it, stubbed my foot, or whatever.

Since DH got home from Japan today, I left the kiddos with him and finally went to the doctor. After some possibilities of tendonitis, the doctor made me get an X-ray. She said I had a hairline fracture that seemed to have been healed and a weird bump and she couldn’t tell if this was an old fracture or a newer one. I mentioned that I had broken my foot in 1996 but I couldn’t remember which foot. She said if it was the same foot, my pregnancies have thinned out my bones and I could’ve easily fractured it by jumping or running or something else.

Well, I went home to look at pictures of my broken foot from college and it turns out, it was the OTHER foot. 😦 So, I have to go back and get more X-rays in a few months to make sure it’s healed. Currently, my foot is in an ace-bandage and in a hard shoe. (Much better than the moon-boot I wore in college.) She originally wanted me to be on crutches and I was like, that is not happening. Can you just imagine me running after two toddlers on CRUTCHES?

Plus, we are going to Disneyland in two weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to navigate that one. 😦 My friend said maybe I can get an electric wheelchair and we zip to the front of the line? MAYBE??