Ok, they’re not exactly new, but they’ve severely affected my ability to blog. DS sleeps with us (and has been for at least a few months now). The main difference is that now, on most nights, I end up going to sleep and then STAYING asleep at 9:30pm or so. For some of you, that’s normal bed time. For me, that is way early!! It used to be that was when I would surf the net and blog – after DS was asleep. Now, though I am much better rested and happier for it, my blogging life has suffered. And I have so much to tell!! SO MUCH!

Of course, due to this backlog, blogging (or starting) gets all overwhelming and such and then the thought of thinking back to what I promised to blog about and recap, etc. GAH. So. Much. Pressure.

Which is ridiculous. Mostly because none of my dear readers are actually pressuring me to do any such thing. heehee. My self-importance is rather built up. Welp, I endeavor to be much more on top of it for the rest of this year. I am going to try blogging multiple entries on a weekly basis and just queue them up. So that way, I only have to be “online” once a week or some such and then still have my blog show up on a regular basis. That was way too wordy of a sentence.

Anyhow, I know this is more a meta post than an actual post, but it will have to do, my dear readers!