Until I can get my act together to actually post a recap of our trip, here are some snippets that I sent a friend via email.

1) I forgot deodorant for DH and we had to pay $7 for one. That’s like 10 of them from Costco.
2) On Monday when we checked into the hotel, for some reason I had stuck a diaper in the back waist of my jeans. I think I was going to change DD but then didn’t need to? Anyhow, totally forgot about it and was walking around and checked in, etc. when we were finally about to get to our room, DH was like, “Why do you have a diaper hanging out the back of your pants? New fashion statement?” Mortified. He cracked up so hard thinking of the hotel guy checking me in and watching me leave with a diaper flapping out my butt. Hahahaha.
3) Oh, and I didn’t realize might need extra cushioning for my “boot” and the constant walking broke my skin on my shin. So this morning, instead of using a bandaid, I bought a sanitary napkin to cushion it. Lol. Hey, it even comes with sticky stuff on the back so it stuck to the cast. Plus, it’s sanitary! 😉
So DH was like, “What is with you? First diapers in your pants and now, sanitary napkins in your boot!”
*sigh* The life of a mom.