That leaves me approximately three weeks.

1) Consistently blog MWF.

2) Make the following photo books:

  • DS’s First Year
  • DD’s First Year
  • 2012 Year book

I’ve decided that each kid gets a one year baby book and then after that, I’ll just do a yearly photo book that sums up trips and fun happenings. That’s a little less overwhelming than doing a photo book per kid every year. It’s only completely overwhelming right now because I would like to do three of them by the end of the year. And only because I plan on giving the first year photobooks as gifts to my mom, my grandaunt, and my MIL.

3) Renew my life insurance license. (No one wants to retake that thrilling exam again.)

Hmmm. I thought I had more when I started this entry – but I suppose that is enough stuff to do just by itself. Let’s have low expectations. 😀

What do you want done by the end of the year?