I can’t believe it! DS is 3 today!! Who would’ve thought that I would be able to keep a child (let alone two) alive and thriving for three years?? That’s so crazy to me – and so lovely.

So, in honor of my boy, here are some fun updates:

1) DS’s English is getting so good. He mostly speaks and replies in English (despite my best efforts). However, his Chinese is pretty good, too. Especially once I started having him watch cartoons in Chinese. That has helped a lot.

2) DS now watches Cars or Cars 2 on a daily basis. At least it’s in Chinese. That counts as EDUCATIONAL.

3) We play “I got your nose” almost every night before bed and it’s hilarious. Especially funny is when DH “gets” DS’s pigu (butt) and eats it. Then DS gets very upset so DH has to cough up the pigu and slap it back on. Very fun and silly.

4) DS is utterly horrible at eating anything that is not a snack. I am starting to send him to bed hungry because I just can’t stand it anymore.

5) Wait, is this a birthday update? Then why are so many of these depressing? LOL.

6) I love catching tender moments between him and DD. It’s so cute. When DD wakes from a nap and is crying, DS will say, “It’s okay, Meimei (little sister)! I come get you!”

7) DS is starting to sing certain songs and picking up words left and right. He is learning SO FAST now. Crazy!!

8) He is still his usual, jolly, zesty self. I don’t think he has a quiet button. But he sure is exuberant!

9) The other night, I was trying to hug and kiss him and told him that “I love you, DS!” He was wriggling away and said, “I no love you, Mama!” It would’ve broken my heart had it not been also hilarious.

10) I love the way he says, “Mama.” LOVE IT.

11) I love the smile and goofy grin DS gets on his face when he wakes up in the morning. He is just so HAPPY. Then he asks for “Baba” (Papa) and Meimei. After he confirms they are downstairs, he will often cozy with me a bit, then depending on how hungry he is, he might leave me and say, “Bye bye Mama! See you next time!” and close the door and run down stairs. 😀

12) When people leave our house, DS will say, “Bye bye! See you next time! Thank you for coming DS house!”

13) I am surprised by how polite he can be. When I am in his way, he will say, “Excuse me, Mama!”

14) DS’s socks never stay on his feet for longer than an hour in the morning. Then, it doesn’t matter how cold, they are unceremoniously tossed to the side.

15) DH’s new favorite thing is when you ask DS, “What does a dinosaur (Godzilla, Gamara, etc) say?” and DS will reply, “RAAAWWWRRR!!!”

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll have more later. 😀 Happy Birthday, my darling boy!