Since we had a DS update, it’s only fair we have one for DD. And boy, do we!!

1) DD now throws some serious tantrums. Can she SCREAM!! Don’t think that just because she’s little and cute and sweet and a girl that Baby Girl doesn’t know how to throw down! She does. It’s at turns hilarious and disturbing. She now does this thing where when she’s mad, she lays on the ground and either arches her back and rolls around or she starts burrowing (it’s kinda like her head is on the ground, her back arched in the air, her tummy facing the ground, and then she burrows). It’s virtually impossible to change her diaper.

The other day, I was doing something during a screaming fit and when I turned around, I couldn’t find her. All I saw were two little feet poking out from under my bed. I would’ve stopped to take a picture but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get her out if I took the time to get my phone. HILARIOUS.

2) DD is super aggressive. I know I’ve covered this before, but geez. This girl climbs on monkey bar arches (I don’t know what to call those things. Those arches at parks that are made of monkey bars.) Even DS gets stuck and has to climb back down. She is clearly too small for the things but she doesn’t let a little thing like SIZE stop her.

Other things she likes to climb: slides (from the bottom of the slide to the top), chairs, stairs, steps, ladders, cars, tables, EVERYTHING.

3) Often, when I put DS in a time out, DD will join him. She hurries to be by his side and squeezes herself next to him and smiles. It’s adorable.

4) DD now shakes her head when she doesn’t want something. She tilts her head and it’s so cute, then she vigorously shakes, “No.” It’s only hilarious because it’s not also accompanied by her actually saying, “No.”

5) DD never met a snack she didn’t like. She will go to my diaper bag and root for snacks.

6) DD now points to things and says, “That? That?” She can also say: Cars, Moss (comes out Mah), Gogo (for dog – well, she calls any animal, “dog”), and “Dah-gee” for water and an assortment of other things. If you get it wrong, she shakes her head. heehee.

7) She climbed into the open dryer the other day when I was doing laundry. We’ll be closing that door from now on.

8) When DD feels like she’s been wronged or hasn’t received justice, she’ll mutter, “Meimei, meimei, meimei” all sad and angry. (Meimei is what we call her since it means “Little Sister.”)

9) She can identify her feet (she’ll lift them up when I ask for her feet) and her hands (same thing). She’ll even pat her tummy when I ask her, “Where’s Meimei?”

10) DD is very sly. She’ll smile at me when I tell her not to do something, then pause, look at me, smile some more, and then go about doing what I just told her not to. It’s a good thing she’s super cute.

11) Boys can’t help but love her. So many of DS’s friends hug, kiss, pet and want to keep her. I understand.

12) She’s just so independent. Part of me feels bad that I’m not as there for her as I was for DS, but part of me is glad that she and her brother entertain each other. 😀

She is such a sweetheart. I love her madly and to pieces. LOVE HER!