Boy! Which is perfect because that means that DS1 and DS2 will be less than 4 years apart in age (which is less than the age gap between my younger brother and I) and hopefully, they can play together as well.

Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on the fourth baby to be a girl. Heehee. After all, when I was putting away some of DD’s old clothes, I thought, “She can’t be the last girl! She is so sweet and cute and her clothes are ADORABLE!”

Keep in mind, though DD is a sweetie, she’s feisty and a total tyrant!! Not that DS wasn’t a tyrant, but it is much farther back in memory.

DH keeps saying that DD is a handful and that she doesn’t share well and always wants her own way. But you know what? It wasn’t like DS was born being a good sharer! We had to train and beat that into him. LOL. (I say that only partially figuratively.) So, she just needs to be taught that the world doesn’t revolve only around her.

In fact, she gets put in time outs several times a day now. She’s really good at telling me why she got a time out in the first place, too. I was impressed.