Betcha thought I would be MIA for another lengthy period of time, eh? Well, I showed you. :p

The visit was pretty fun and low key. My allergies and sinus congestion kicked my ass and by Saturday night, I couldn’t move my head without it feeling as if a sledgehammer were slamming into the base of my skull. I broke down and took allergy meds and tylenol sinus. Poor DH. He basically took care of both kids from Thursday through Monday. 

My nephew (DN) is Super CUTE. His head is SO. ROUND. And he has no neck. Lol. The kiddos really enjoyed watching him take a bath. But other than that, he was a blobby 3 month old. They don’t do much other than eat, pee, poop, and sleep. It was really good to see him and hold him in the flesh. The next time I see him, he’ll be 11 months old and most likely walking already. No longer a blobby thing but a REAL PERSON. So exciting! But so sad to watch him grow up from afar.

Understandably, DH was really frustrated for the majority of the trip because when I’m out of commission, he’s stuck with the kids. That would be fine normally, but if I’m home, the kids want ME even though they can’t have me. So half of his time is telling them, “No, Mommy is sleeping.” They did have several fun walks to the park, pet store (cheapest, free-est zoo ever!), and frozen yogurt shop. He was constantly saying that we were never traveling again and that once we have three kids, we are never leaving the house or taking a plane. Car seats are a real pain in the ass to schlep.

It was also good for my brother and SIL to see DD in her full personality vs a sad, sicko with a UTI during Christmas. She was definitely feisty. And DS was homesick and the first night, already wanted to go home. He kept asking for his big, white car. He did NOT like the small, white car we rented. They both did well on the airplane (no screaming tantrums) and they’ve mostly switched back from East Coast time. They were little pills on Tuesday, but that’s not TOO unusual. 

Plus, we also squeezed in a visit with a friend from UCLA. That was awesome. 🙂 And then, due to the powers of Facebook, an acquaintance happened to post about his church festival in MD and we went there, too. Random and fun for DS. (DD was asleep in the car.) Added bonus: free hot dogs. DH was happy about that. 🙂

Ok. We’re back and there are no more trips planned in the near future. I’m in my 6th month of pregnancy after all. (Although, we were thinking of taking a trip to the Sequoias or Redwoods.) See you soon!