About the kids, of course. LOL.

1) Today, after DD’s time out, DS asked DD why she had a time out. Then he told her what she did wrong and that it was ok. Then he told her to go to Mommy. Heehee. It’s pretty much a word for word debrief that we hold after every time out.

2) I finally bought some washable markers (vs the non-washable kind that I had before) and DS is really enjoying them. Plus, I got some less child-proof scissors and he’s enjoying cutting up paper. Apparently, he really likes arts and crafts at school and just sat at our little table for a good 20-30 minutes coloring and cutting paper.

3) DD copies everything DS says, even if it’s incorrectly pronounced. She now says, “He me (麼)?” instead of  “She me (什麼)?” (Which means, “What?” or “What is this?”)

4) When DD doesn’t want to go upstairs or have her time out, she runs and hides in our play tent. If I go into the tent to get her, she laughs hysterically because she thinks it’s a game.

5) DD loves to watch videos of herself. (Just like DS.) She spent about an hour the other night just watching videos of herself over and over. If I stopped or didn’t put a video on fast enough, she would point to the screen and say, “DD!” and cries.

6) A few weeks ago, DS made an animal bead necklace at school and ever since then, DD and DS constantly fight over it. So today, DS decided to make DD her own necklace. As he was making it, he stopped only after putting on a few beads. The teacher asked him if he was going to put more on and he said, “No. It’s a small one for DD.”

7) Because we borrow books from the library, a lot of times, the pages are a little ripped (or my kids rip them). As a result, we are constantly taping. However, lately, the kids have gone tape CRAZY. They see rips where there aren’t any and insist on taping everything. If they had their way, they would tape the whole book.

8) Last week, DS accidentally poked DD in the face with a fork. He knew he did something bad, but I was mad and poked the fork in his face. (Perhaps a little harder than I should have.) He cried and cried. But I don’t think he’ll poke her in the face again.

9) Before that, DS bit DD’s finger on purpose. Since he didn’t want to go in a time out, I made him give me his finger and then I bit him. I told him that every time he bites DS, I will bite him. I am a mean mommy.

10) A few weeks ago, DD went through almost every dress in her closet (some several times) – at least 10 outfit changes – until she finally settled on a t-shirt and shorts. Thank goodness we had clothes in the hamper.

That’s all I can remember for now. 🙂