Sorry. I’m feeling rather large and unwieldy today. Plus, I had my 3 hour glucose test this morning and it made me feel pretty barfy and crappy. Thank goodness DH is home so he watched the kids and I napped a bit. I really shouldn’t complain about my pregnancy since I have a few friends who have been trying a really long time to get pregnant (either for their first or second child). One of my friends has lost a baby at 12 weeks – twice. Very sad.

For the most part, my pregnancy has been easy and uneventful. Right now, it is uncomfortable to cut toenails or lean forward very much at all (especially after I’ve eaten). I can’t eat much and then I’m starving and then I’m full again. And my skin feels too small for my stomach. But really, this is my third time around. I should be used to this. Everything takes SO much effort to do (and I know it will only get worse as I get bigger).

Of course, there are perks. DH regularly goes out to satisfy my whims. I would call them cravings – but they’re not VITAL to my existence or anything. I just get to indulge in whatever random thing that pops into my mind. :0) And usually, DH goes along with it. He’s a good man.

Ok. Nothing really more to talk about. I’m sure I’ll have some rants next week after my MIL’s visit this weekend.