I know most of you only read this blog for the kiddo updates. LOL. I understand. I find my own life boring, too. The kids are much more interesting.

1) The other night while settling down for bed, DS kept saying, “The lion is coming! The lion is coming! It’s in the room! It’s behind you!” DD got very worried and kept asking about the lion. She really thought there was a lion coming into our room. I finally had to pretend to “eat” the lion so she wouldn’t get upset. Then, DS switched to alligators, birds, dogs, dinosaurs, etc. Funny enough, DD was not worried about those. Only the lion. She was actually excited about a dinosaur being in the room. LOL.

2) Last week, when I got out of the bathroom, I found both kids on top of the dresser in DS’s room. They had pushed step stools next to it and climbed on top, happy and proud of themselves. They were not happy after Mommy found them. We have to get that thing stabilized with dresser latches. I have them. Just have to put them on. OOOH!! Put that on the To-Do list!!

3) During our drive up to Sacramento, DS kept demanding juice even though I didn’t have any. So, of course, he starts throwing a fit. DD kept saying, “Water? Water?” and trying to offer DS a bottle of water. Adorbs. (DD, that is. DS, not so much.)

4) What I love to see now is that the kids actually have conversations with each other. DS tries to help DD with things. Trades toys with her. Tries to convince her to do stuff he wants to do. DD copies DS and also tries to talk to him. They are adorable.

5) DD is also going through a phase where she insists on seeing videos of herself. Pictures are also acceptable. But mostly, she wants to see her videos. A lot like DS was at her age. 😀