1) It’s always fun to hear DS or DD tell the other almost word for word what I lecture them on a daily basis. A few days ago, DS gave DD something and then proceeded to say, “Say ‘Thank you, 哥哥 (big brother)!'”

2) When I tell DD to clean up, she waits and stalls until DS gets impatient and does it for her. LOL. She thinks she’s so smart. Poor DS. Already doing his sister’s bidding. Unfortunately, I still make her clean up stuff and when she refuses, she gets put in time out.

3) DS took out his balance bike the other evening and his friend, V, told him that she had one in her garage, too. Then she asked DS if she could ride his bike. He said, “No. You go home and ride YOUR bike, ok?”

4) I gave DD a cookie and she said, “兩個 (two)!” I’m just impressed she knew the difference between 1 and 2. LOL.