Welp, my pregnancy related lack of sleep is back again. Although, I suppose it’s not fair to say that it’s pregnancy related. I stayed up super late last night to finish TWO yearbooks – but then couldn’t fall asleep at 4:45am even though I was super tired. So is that prego-related or stupidity related? LOL.

But I am super pleased. Only one yearbook left – and the 2012 one will be HUGE because last year, there was a wedding, a Hawaii trip, a Taiwan trip, and an LA/SD trip. Not to mention a photoshoot! So that’s a lot of good family and quality pics that must be included. Plus, I am going to try and do 2013 up through part of May (I’m still missing some preschool shots from May), and maybe start DS2’s baby book (at least the ultrasound and prego shots part). Overachieving much? Maybe I’ll even start next year’s calendar since I’ll have all the pics. To be honest, I’m getting kinda sick of pictures.

Either way, I have to get all this crap done because once the new baby gets here, I’ll get NOTHING done. At least, until I nest for baby #4. I don’t know how I’ll get anything done after I stop having babies. I have been counting on “nesting” to get things done. heehee.