So I started a new blog that is “public” in nature that is attached to me In Real Life (unlike this one, which is mostly anonymous). It is quite a different experience, let me tell you! I have been blogging for almost ten or years now in various incarnations, most as myself (but never gone out of my way to publicize the posts) and for the past three years, anonymously here. As an anonymous person, I find it very freeing to just tell about my day or my frustrations with limited editing (because after all, SOME of my friends in real life do know about this blog). It is a good thing.

However, I am also a blatant attention whore and miss having feedback and it has been super ego-boosting to see my Facebook friends respond to this new blog. It’s just the first public post or so, so who knows what will happen in the future, but I am excited.

Also, I didn’t realize how time consuming writing in depth blog posts would be. You know, ones with a purpose and content that is continually interesting vs just what I blather on and on about here. I am tired!