Sometimes, I impress even myself with what I get accomplished. Now, of course, keep in mind that this type of occurrence is few and far between. Hence the commemorating and self-congratulatory post. 🙂

Yesterday, I managed to:

1) Buy a new mattress
2) Buy a new toilet seat (I just broke our 3rd toilet seat – DH broke one and I broke another)
4) Install said new toilet seat (I also installed another new toilet seat the other day)
5) Reorganize 3 kids’ bookshelves
6) Accept delivery of the new mattress
7) Rearrange the furniture in DS (and now DD’s) room – especially arranging the mattresses next to each other and setting up the bed rail so my kids don’t roll out of the window. (The frames are really high up!)
8) Sell a table
9) Start 2011’s yearbook (not just choosing and uploading pictures – doing the actual layout!)
10) Sell a bunch of stock
11) In addition, my normal day of feeding and caring for the kiddos

I’m awesome! Ok, not that awesome. But whatever. I will take what I can get. 🙂


It’s that season again – prepping for the new baby! As some of you long time followers know, for DS, my first, I never really had a nesting phase. With DD, I went crazy and did a massive purging of the house. As suspected, I didn’t do anything for another year and a half until the past few months while pregnant with DS2. 

Since then:

1) I finally attacked 3-4 years of mail and filing – it only took a full day. Sigh. If I would’ve just done it daily, then I wouldn’t have this problem. But it’s done now, and thus far, I’ve been pretty good about keeping up.

2) I am putting up all sorts of things on craigslist (finally). Including (but not limited to): my wedding dress, some floor lamps, an old Kindle Fire, misc. toys, shelves I bought but never put up, etc. Hopefully, I can sell all this stuff before the baby comes. I realize the wedding dress will not go as quickly as the floor lamps did. LOL. 

3) I have purchased a ridiculous amount of used small Legos. I think I’m done now. 🙂 My kids are all set for both the Duplos and the Legos – and all mostly used. 😀 I can’t believe how expensive these things are brand new. RIDICULOUS. What a scam!

4) I need to buy another twin bed to put it next to DS’s twin in his room. That way, the two oldest can share a big king sized bed and the baby can sleep with us the first month or so. Once the new baby is moved to his room, I’m sure the older two will find their way back into our room at night. 

5) I REALLY have to finish our living trust. I had it drawn up when DS was born – over three years ago! I just never read it or had it signed or put anything in it. SO STUPID. Must get this done before DS2 comes along. Otherwise, it’s never going to happen.

6) Since most of my food garden did NOT sprout, I’m wasting a lot of water. So I think I need to plant more stuff – otherwise, I spent a lot of money and water for nothing. I intend to do something soon-ish.

7) Over the years, I have purchased to box freezer to put in the garage and I have stuffed that thing (along with my freezer in the house) as well as my pantry full of food that I don’t even know I have. So, my goal is to eat out of my pantry and freezer for awhile. (Plus, I gotta let the thing defrost.) Perhaps it is finally time to get rid of the gallons of breast milk I have frozen – from DS. (Yeah, you read that right. DS. I gave away all of DD’s milk. I didn’t quite have my act together for DS. I have plans for turning it into soap – but that hasn’t happened. So maybe I really just need to bite the bullet and toss it. BUT IT’S LIQUID GOLD!!!) 

But ultimately, it’s silly to have all this food go uneaten – and since DH is unemployed (though receiving a paycheck), I’d rather we buckle down now and spend less on food we already technically have. It’s almost like a treasure hunt. We have a lot of frozen birthday cakes. LOL.


I think that’s it for now. When you have too many items on a to-do list, they tend to go undone. *sigh* I guess the first thing I should do is go to the garage and take out all that breast milk and toss it. It physically pains me but must be done. Wish me luck!

I love to read. This year (thus far), I’ve read at least 133 books (and counting). Last year, I read 120. The year before that, 114. That, my friends, is a lot of books. I LOVE TO READ.

It helps, of course, that I am a very fast reader clocking in at about 80 pages an hour. That means I can generally get through most books within 1-2 days. I have found that I go through phases of reading a stack of books and then bingeing on hours of DVR’d shows. I can’t do both at the same time (though I’d sure like to!).

However. Next year, I would like to get a new project off the ground (another blog, if you must know), and that requires time and energy. And since I plan on being pregnant and therefore, even more tired, I would also like to keep up this early to bed thing I’ve got going on. Sadly, all our times are finite so in order to add more into my day, something’s got to go – and I guess I can slow down my reading. I think I’m going to aim for 100 books next year – which, I realize, is still a crap ton of books. But let’s just say a tiger can’t change all its stripes all at once, right?

I’ll blog more about my new project later. After all, I’ve got to save some material for other posts, right? 😉

Speaking of financials (since I just did them for the month for our family), I did some fancy calculating about our mortgage. (In my head, of course. Kidding! Here’s a great Amortization Schedule excel sheet that you can use. It’s awesome.) Ever since we got our mortgage, we’ve paid an additional amount every month on our principal. This year, DH wanted us to make an extra full payment a quarter. In total, it works out to about 5 extra payments (in full principal, not just paying down interest) a month. When I input that all in the fancy spreadsheet, we will pay off our mortgage in June 2026. That is 14 years from now instead of 30.


The power of compound interest and math.

(Incidentally, there will be arguments that it is not wise to put so much money away in our mortgage since it’s not liquid and the opportunity cost of the market. Suffice to say, we have enough in savings/emergency funds and at this rate, the market is volatile and paying down my mortgage “earns” me 4.875%. That’s better than cash and more certain than the stock market. Don’t worry. We have money in the market.)

This is quite the incentive for me to STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY.

These last few nights, for some reason or another, I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep. (Ok, one time it was Bingo, the other time, I was nesting again – in terms of trying to fix my house/organize. I’m not pregnant again.) As a result, I’ve been yelling at poor DS a LOT. Like, I’ve turned into one of those people. You know, the mean, harried mom who looks like she’s about to beat the crap out of her kids. I yelled at DS so loudly the other day that DD, who was laying in my lap and crying, stopped and stared at me with a quizzical/shocked/hilarious/”Who is this person?” expression. As soon as I started speaking sweetly to her again, she bust back into crying. I just can’t win.

The worst is with DS and his non-stop whining. “Cookie! Cookie!” “Y-Y! Y-Y!” (Wanting to watch Super Why.) I suppose he wouldn’t whine nearly as much if I let him eat cookies and candy and juice while watching TV/iPad/iPhone all day. Seriously, he watches enough as it is! I can handle it mostly alright during the day, but somehow, around late afternoon/evening, my patience is all eaten away and I just yell. (And it’s terribly effective at accomplishing NOTHING.) I feel like a jerk.

The good thing is that right when I’m about to combust, DS will do something super cute. Thank God he is really, really, really ridiculously good-looking. Truthfully, he really isn’t doing much that is terribly naughty. He’s just being two. Plus, I’m attempting to potty-train him and although I don’t mind discovering pee by stepping in it, (happened this evening after he went to bed and I went to do the second load of laundry for the day), I can’t say I enjoy it overly much.

Also, I know that he starts acting up when he’s tired/hungry/bored/lonely. I really could head off many of these melt-downs if I just hid his snacks/fed him/played with him instead of facebooking/putting together a stroller/breastfeeding/cooking/going to the bathroom.

This is all just to say that I need to go to bed earlier.

So, to remind me why I love my children, here are a few funny things that have happened in the last few days:

1) During his nap yesterday, I swear DS dreamed of cookies. He started crying and then saying, “More!”

2) DD couldn’t breathe today at the park and she was hungry and squalling. I had no squeezy bulb so I literally had to suck it up. That’s love.

3) Today, DS taught me the “I dot choo” game. Well, I guess I taught it to him by grabbing him and tickling him and saying, “I’ve got you!” He’s just learned how to request it.

4) When I was tucking DS in tonight, I said, “I love you!” DS replied, “I luh you!” Then I said it again and he replied, “I no luh you!” and laughed hysterically.

As many of you fine readers know, I can be a very critical ass – most especially to DH. Many of you (and rightly so, I imagine) also feel incredibly sorry for DH and the other day, in the midst of mentally screaming at something minor that DH did, I decided something:

In the future, when I encounter something DH does/did that I personally find annoying, stupid, aggravating, etc. but the actual thing is, in fact, quite minor and more of a preference (ie: NOT life-threatening, negligent, etc.), I will:

  1. Refrain from pointing said thing out to DH.(Trust me, even though I don’t point out all the offending things to DH, I still point out a ton of them. It makes DH very defensive and he instinctively reacts overly defensive – even in cases where I wasn’t criticizing him. What a truly awful thing to make someone you love feel.) 
  2. Remind myself of something that DH does that I am grateful for and/or truly appreciate.Nothing nips resentfulness and seething anger like a little gratefulness and perspective.
  3. Pray for DH. Of course, no cheating and praying for him to stop doing stupid things. I mean, reallypray for DH – for his good, for his health, etc. Whatever he may need.
  4. Reflect on one of my own short-comings and pray for change in that area. I know. You are all wondering, “How could this possibly be? She is so perfect and so wonderful!” But it is not so! I have many faults – and nothing makes a person more gracious and compassionate to others like having a good and realistic inventory of their own deep, deep character flaws.

Of course, not only can this apply to DH, it can be universal – especially when it pertains to my mother, MIL, and random people who can just annoy the crap out of me. Since I’ve decided to do this, I have had to apply it at least once a day. I know. You are not surprised.

My other resolutions are not nearly as character building, but here they are anyway:

  • Throw a party once a quarter.For New Year’s Eve, I threw a party for a lot of my friends with kids and had such a great time that I have decided to throw a gathering on a more regular basis. I am always amazed that people actually want to hang out with me (I tell you, waiting for those Evite RSVPs is an object lesson on insecurity!) and every time my friends attend something I throw, I am humbled and reminded that I am not the only lonely person out there. That my friends with newborns (tons of them lately) are all craving to be around other grown ups (especially if they are friends).
  • Read at least five New York Times NON-FLUFFY articles. You know, in an effort to be somewhat informed about the world around me.
  • Read one non-fiction book a month. Because as much as I love gorging on Regency Romances and speculative fiction, every now and then, I should actually try to feed my brain.

That’s it! More than that would be a bit too much, I think. Most of them should be pretty easy and doable (as well as FUN and enjoyable). It’s really only the first one that will e very hard. But I suppose, that will make me a better person, too.

Wish me luck!

Geez. I don’t know why I just spent over an hour of my precious free time playing BINGO on Facebook. It’s so stupid because there are so many other things I’d rather be doing, but instead, I am sleepy, tired, and my shoulders hurt. All because I am compelled to play this stupid game. They trick you with earning credits, etc. BLARGH. I rue the day I found out about this game (which is today). BLARGH!!!

Ok. I will now go get some food and then go to sleep. What a waste of time. I’m sure there is a lesson in here somewhere. I just may have to reinstitute my No Games rule. POOP!

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