Just found out my grandaunt has lung cancer and it has spread to her brain. :/

I took the kids to visit her in the hospital after her biopsy today. It made her very happy.

The median survival rate of people with lung cancer that has spread to the brain is 4 mos. ie: by 4 mos, 50% have died. This makes me sad. :/

She’s never smoked so I find it crazy! 😦


Sorry. I’m feeling rather large and unwieldy today. Plus, I had my 3 hour glucose test this morning and it made me feel pretty barfy and crappy. Thank goodness DH is home so he watched the kids and I napped a bit. I really shouldn’t complain about my pregnancy since I have a few friends who have been trying a really long time to get pregnant (either for their first or second child). One of my friends has lost a baby at 12 weeks – twice. Very sad.

For the most part, my pregnancy has been easy and uneventful. Right now, it is uncomfortable to cut toenails or lean forward very much at all (especially after I’ve eaten). I can’t eat much and then I’m starving and then I’m full again. And my skin feels too small for my stomach. But really, this is my third time around. I should be used to this. Everything takes SO much effort to do (and I know it will only get worse as I get bigger).

Of course, there are perks. DH regularly goes out to satisfy my whims. I would call them cravings – but they’re not VITAL to my existence or anything. I just get to indulge in whatever random thing that pops into my mind. :0) And usually, DH goes along with it. He’s a good man.

Ok. Nothing really more to talk about. I’m sure I’ll have some rants next week after my MIL’s visit this weekend.


2012 ended with a bit of a scare – but ultimately, everything ended up ok and with a great party.

When we flew back from the DC trip, DD slept the whole flight back. DS was pretty good, but you know that kid who screams bloody murder because he refuses to get back in the fucking seat during landing and screams, “No thank you! Let me go!” the last 30 min of the flight? Yeah. That was our kid. It was so awesome. Even more awesome? DH almost losing his temper and being a jerk to DS. Not helpful.

The flight attendant had to intervene, too. It was mortifying. The attendant was like, “Kid you have to sit down.” DS pretty much didn’t stop screaming his brains out until we landed and taxied and I broke the rules and let him out of his seat belt before they turned off the light. At least he used his words.

Over the DC trip, DD had a fever and was throwing up and very lethargic. I wasn’t really worried, but by the time we got back Saturday, she was not getting better. She threw up Saturday evening, then again at midnight, and then at 5:30am Sunday, she woke up vomiting rust colored water. Since she didn’t eat anything brown (or at least, not in MY opinion), I freaked out and thought it might be blood. The doctor on call recommended we take her in to the ER and I chose to go to Children’s Hospital Oakland. Better safe than sorry, I say.

So, from 6:30am – 3:30pm, I was at the hospital with DD. 95% of the time, I had to stand and hold DD because she refused to let me sit down. Thank God for the Ergo! The doctors gave her chest and stomach X-rays as well as got a urine and blood culture to see what was going on. They wanted to rule out any obstructions as well as run a battery of tests because she can’t talk and tell us what hurts.

They hooked her up to an IV and it wasn’t until a lot of the fluid went into her that I realized how dehydrated she had been. Her face was not as sallow and actually plumpish again! Turns out she had a Urinary Tract Infection – and a pretty high one, too. (After, I looked up all the symptoms for UTI’s in children and she had almost every single one!) Since they’re worried the infection might spread to her kidneys, we have to be extra careful.

Thank God she barfed rust-colored barf (although they never figured out why) because otherwise, it could’ve been really bad. My poor girl!!

Unfortunately, giving DD medicine is like dosing a cat. Impossible. She has figured out how to cry without opening her mouth because when she did open her mouth, I would shove medicine down her throat. She would spit and throw up the medicine and really, girl needs antibiotics!! So, we had to use Feverall (a suppository Tylenol) for her fever and we just have to pin her down to dose her. I finally got a good method of propping her mouth open with a finger while she clamps down (OUCH!) and pinning her arms down. She just shakes her head and weeps and cries the whole time. It takes almost half an hour to give her 3mls of antibiotics.

This is how smart she is: when I lay her down on the bed and she thinks she’s going to get medicine, she cries with her mouth mostly closed and in a horizontal line. If I tell her she isn’t going to have any medicine, she opens up her mouth to cry. (I try never to lie to my kids so I can’t use that trick to give her medicine. Besides, it would only work once and then destroy trust.)

On Sunday night, DH got a call around 11:30pm saying his mother was in the hospital because she wouldn’t stop bleeding, was having trouble breathing, and they thought she had a blood clot or a vicodin overdose. (DH’s mom just had a Lifestyle Lift and I think it’s complications from that, too.) We were really worried – DH was going to fly down but his mom didn’t want him to. In the morning, DH’s brother told us that she’ll be ok. She has an pulmonary embolism/blood clot (lung) and pneumonia. The doctors said both are easily treatable and that they will admit her for a few days.

Whoever thought we’d be happy for an embolism and pneumonia!
All this, and I still stubbornly refused to call off our New Year’s Eve party. I’m glad we didn’t. It was so fun and we had a blast. The kids had a great time, too. (Well, I suppose only DS did, but I held DD the whole time and she conked out pretty well, too.)
All in all, a harrowing start to the beginning of the end of the year, but it all ended up happily.
So, Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is full of blessings and joy. 😀

Totally forgot that my scheduled posts ended on Monday. DOH! Also, DS woke up in the middle of the night Wednesday barfing. Again. And DD had a fever so they were both sick yesterday. No fun. 😦 But after sleeping about 14 hours last night, I think they are feeling much better. Just in time for our red-eye to DC tonight. Wish us luck!

Waylaid by stomach flu (both the kiddos and I – thankfully, DH is still fine). On our way to Disneyland tomorrow.

Got my Christmas cards out – as well as the 2013 picture calendars ordered. Now, I have to work on DS’s 1st year baby book as well as DD’s. Gotta get those out sometime! Then I’m going to be making a yearbook for 2012 (and then hopefully, 2011). It’s going to be expensive. But worth it. 🙂 I will try to make enough copies for my mom, my MIL, and my great aunt.

Ok. Try not to miss me too much. Oh wait, you’re already used to me slacking. SO SORRY!

The doctor called me yesterday and told me the radiologist said that it didn’t seem like I had a hairline fracture after all. I most likely have what is called a periosteal reaction. Caused by irritation or injury to the bone. (Hence the weird bump.) Same fix as a broken foot, but I suppose it’s better than actual break.

If my foot still hurts in 4 weeks, then they’ll do another X-ray and perhaps a bone scan. Should prove interesting at Disneyland! My friends suggested I get a motorized wheelchair in Disneyland and then we would get to skip to the front of the line! YEAH!

So, you know, that’s the silver lining?

The last week or two, my right foot has been hurting a lot, but only when I woke up in the middle of the night. Then it would hurt off and on and stop. Well, starting this past Wednesday, it hasn’t let up. I tried not to put much weight on it and it was fine, but today, it had gotten a lot worse. So much worse that I was limping badly. I thought that I might have a broken bone but couldn’t think of how I could possibly had broken it. Particularly since I haven’t dropped anything on it, stubbed my foot, or whatever.

Since DH got home from Japan today, I left the kiddos with him and finally went to the doctor. After some possibilities of tendonitis, the doctor made me get an X-ray. She said I had a hairline fracture that seemed to have been healed and a weird bump and she couldn’t tell if this was an old fracture or a newer one. I mentioned that I had broken my foot in 1996 but I couldn’t remember which foot. She said if it was the same foot, my pregnancies have thinned out my bones and I could’ve easily fractured it by jumping or running or something else.

Well, I went home to look at pictures of my broken foot from college and it turns out, it was the OTHER foot. 😦 So, I have to go back and get more X-rays in a few months to make sure it’s healed. Currently, my foot is in an ace-bandage and in a hard shoe. (Much better than the moon-boot I wore in college.) She originally wanted me to be on crutches and I was like, that is not happening. Can you just imagine me running after two toddlers on CRUTCHES?

Plus, we are going to Disneyland in two weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to navigate that one. 😦 My friend said maybe I can get an electric wheelchair and we zip to the front of the line? MAYBE??

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